10 Simple Ways to Help the Environment

If you got on Google and typed in ‘ways to help the environment,' you would get thousands of results. But we have picked these because they are uncommon and very easy to apply, yet greatly impact our environment.


1. Buy in Bulk and Reduce Packaging. Bulk purchases save both money, packaging, and trips to the store. Gather a group of friends/family to split bulk items or freeze food items you won’t use right away. Try to eliminate individual size containers (i.e. yogurt, soda, juice boxes, etc.). Nearly a 1/3 of our household garbage comes from packaging!

2. Buy Less. Stewardship begins with careful purchases. Analyze before you buy. Give yourself a buffer of at least 24 hours (preferably longer) before making any purchases.

3. Stop Your Junk Mail. Over 100 million trees are used to make junk mail that we throw out (or recycle). Stop the process by getting off the mailing lists OR getting on their e-mail lists instead.

4. Make Your Lawn ‘Green.’ Don’t water your lawn, if you ‘have to,’ doing it in the wee hours of the morning which will help the ground absorb more. Rake by hand, or don’t rake at all as this will turn into a fertilizer. Treat weeds with natural remedies such as vinegar or plant certain plants (such as marigolds) to keep insects away.

5. Party & Picnics, Bring Your Permanent Markers. If you are going to have a party try to use reusable items (real plates, silverware, cups etc) that can just be washed after the party. But sometimes, the party is just too big or too far from home (like when you do a picnic). So use 100% recycled items and put a permanent marker out so people can put their names on their cups (so they only have to use one!).


6. Encourage Other Forms of Transportation. Reduce the carbon footprint by offering incentives for taking the bus or biking like… getting to come into work a half hour later if you bike or take the bus to work. Or putting in showers in the building for those who do bike/run to work.

7. Switch to Post-Consumer Waste (PCW). All paper products can be cost effective and easily change to PCW forms of paper products such as printer paper, paper towels, and packaging boxes.


8. Have a ‘donation picnic’ where people can bring a sack lunch and all their donations (old books, furniture, clothing etc.) to a local school, park or even the church lawn. You can trade, sell and barter with each other. Whatever is left take to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

9. If your city, town, or county does not have a…
• recycling program
• public transportation or carpooling program
• bike lanes
• composting program
Speak to your local politician/mayor/town head. If they are obstinate or apathetic about the issue, start getting signatures from the community! You will be surprised that most people want the same!

10. Pray through our prayer guide and sign up for our email list. Make sure your actions reflect your prayers.


Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!!

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