25 Simple Ways to be Generous with our Actions

Not everyone has loads of money to give, and we can make changes with our finances, but it should be coupled with a generosity beyond our finances. 

Generosity is giving something willingly and happily without expecting anything in return; so try to do something for someone, just because they are part of humanity and need love, too.

Here a few examples of ways you can be generous with your actions/gestures:

  1. Compliment 5 people you don’t know today, in person.
  2. Write to a person who has been made fun of, or hurt via the internet, and praise them in some way. It doesn’t have to be someone you know.
  3. Put a gift, like flowers you just picked, in a bike basket you see parked around in your neighborhood.
  4. Tell your parents/mentors you love them and tell them one thing you have learned from them.
  5. Send out an e-mail or text to someone you rarely communicate with, encouraging them.
  6. Donate an outfit that is nice and professional to a group helping men and women find employment.
  7. Give someone your undivided attention, leaving your smart phone off.
  8. Give someone a massage (someone you know or are close too, preferably…you don’t want to invade people’s bubbles).
  9. Strike up a conversation with someone while waiting for public transit, or in line at the store. Ask them how there day has been, what was the best part, etc.
  10. Do chores for someone who is having a rough time, or going through a bad situation.
  11. Create a poem, song, or story and give it to someone you love.
  12. Pray for someone and write them an anonymous note letting them know.
  13. Help someone get a job (help resume build, pick out outfits, give advice or just plain encouragement).
  14. Get friends to karaoke together, cheer for each other regardless of how they sound, and cheer loud for the strangers who go up, too! Let people know they don’t have to be afraid to be themselves in front of a crowd!
  15. Make a card for someone, use crayons or markers to bring out your inner child.
  16. Look someone in the eyes and tell them you appreciate them.
  17. The next thing someone compliments you on (‘Oh I love your earrings!’) just give that item to them.
  18. Babysit for free for some stressed out parents. Let them have a date night or even just a night to get things done kid-free!
  19. Give away books you have already read with a hand written message in each one.
  20. Share your knowledge or skill with someone who has never tried it.
  21. Give someone a really long hug. Let them be the first one to break away.
  22. Invite someone new in town to hang with you and your friends.
  23. Take a walk with someone and genuinely listen to how they are doing.
  24. Skype a long distance friend or family member.
  25. Forgive someone who has hurt you. Let them know.

Just because they are simple does not mean they are going to be easy. Takes some time to pray over the list and choose a few options you can apply this week. Maybe make a plan for adopting a couple a week over the next few months!

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