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In Jesus Name, End Family Separation

We need Congress to do everything within their power to end the separation of families at the border. Since April 19 this policy has already separated nearly 2,000 children from their parents. We cannot remain silent while this cruel, unjust and unnecessary policy is implemented. We speak out in Jesus name -- because as his followers we cannot remain silent, particularly as our leaders have used Scripture to defend this policy. 

Congress can urge the Administration to reverse this policy, and come up with legislative solutions that would end such cruelty. We ask that they do so quickly, decisively and make it so that no future administration can ever separate children from asylum seeking or immigrant parents again.

We know that God is with these children and parents, and grieves deeply at what is being done to his most vulnerable children, so we too stand with them. 

Call your member of Congress and Senators today!

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Ethical Shopping Guide

If you're like me, and deeply care about just, ethical practices of production, you might, like me, wish to boycott purchasing all together because of what we know about the industry of clothing, food, home goods, etc. But let's face it: we still need to dress ourselves and eat breakfast before we leave the house.

The good news, is that we can actually do good while purchasing essential - and nonessential - products. Here is a list of our vetted, and many personally tried-and-true, companies that we love. These companies do everything from taking plastic bottles to make your new favorite fleece or plush blanket, to empowering women through work and education. We hope this list helps to get you started, or meaningfully adds to your existing list. 

As a side note: thrift and second-hand shopping is a GREAT way to go, and I actually always suggest this before purchasing brand new items. There is already an overabundance of clothing items out there that, if not picked up, will spend their second life in a landfill, often times in countries in the Global South.

Did you know that the world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year, and the average American now generates 82 pounds of textile waste each year? That's about 11 million tons of textile waste from the U.S. alone. The lifespan of new clothing - from production, to transportation, laundry, and the end of life in a landfill - produces a significant amount of hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gases. For more information on this, check out this article by Greenpeace.

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We are Heading to Germany for the UN Climate Talks!

We are heading to Germany during the COP23 Climate Summit to pray and speak out alongside our most vulnerable neighbors. The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference is coming up in November. The COP23 climate talks will be taking place in Bonn, Germany.

Thousands of government delegates and leaders from countries all over the world will gather to discuss and make decisions regarding practical efforts to combat climate change and provide assistance to developing countries most affected by it. We will be there to pray, to give testimony, and to deliver your signatures to delegates from all over the world! 

//Download the prayer guide

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Prophets, Priests and Poets


WOW. Tuesday night August 15 we packed out an upper room in industrial North Portland for an incredible night of worship and prayer. It was truly an incredible night that filled me with hope. I was honored to see my brothers and sisters share their pain, their hope, their gifts, and their passion for a new era in the Church--one where we will stand unified for justice. Check out the video from the livestream if you missed it!

Join the movement--sign the pledge... 

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Take action on climate


Friends, we need your voice! Last week President Trump announced that he will withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord. We are disappointed that our President won't lead on climate action, but have not lost hope! Now is the time to say to:

To the struggling farmer who has lost crops to drought--we believe you and we will take action on climate. 

To the refugee who lost their home and land to disaster -- we believe you and we will take action on climate.

To the family whose water has been contaminated by flooding -- we believe you and we will take action on climate.

Here's what you can do

Spread the word

Last year we released a film about our time at the Paris Climate summit with worship leaders John Mark McMillan, William Matthews, Sarah McMillan and Stephen Roach. We met with politicians, religious leaders and scientists to try and understand just what is at stake with climate change. Watch and share the film if your community is NEW to climate justice. 

Download the watch party toolkit to show the film in your community!

Call Congress

Even though the President is out of the Paris Agreement, it doesn't mean our nation has to be! We have an opportunity to build political will with members of Congress to take action on climate, and even re-join the Paris Agreement as a formal binding treaty. Make simple call today to your member of Congress to invite them to take action on climate. 

It's very simple--call your member of Congress by putting your Zip code into the form below. Whether you get the answering machine or a person answering the phone leave a simple yet clear message -- Talking points are in the form below. 

If your member is already a part of the caucus (Check here) then just take time to thank them and let them know how important the issue is to you.

Our friends Jonathan Martin, Science Mike, William Matthews, Michael Gungor and Katelyn Beaty even volunteered to show how easy it is to make the call!

Wanna Go a Step Further? Meet with your member of Congress in August!


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We're in DC!


Micah Challenge is in DC this week!

We are so excited about this, and here’s why – in 2009, Micah Challenge released the Declaration of Creation Stewardship and Climate Change. We came to this issue not as environmentalists, but as followers of Jesus committed to ending extreme poverty. 

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Renew Our World Action -- Encourage Scott Pruitt


We have an opportunity to speak truth and hope to one of our leaders on the issue of climate change. We have heard from our partners around the world that rising temperatures have made growing food, finding water, and community flourishing much more challenging.  

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Shine a Light on Corruption

Friends, Now is the time to Shine a Light on Corruption!

For nearly two years, Micah Challenge worked to ensure that some really good rules to fight corruption would become law. The vehicle for this was a set of rules attached to Section 1504 of the Dodd Frank Act. The rules require companies in extractive industries (oil, gas, minerals, mining) to disclose payments made to foreign governments.

The rules would create the transparency needed to expose corruption in some of the most resources rich yet poorest nations in the world. Now is the time to shine a light on corruption related to natural resource extraction, and allow the immense revenue from natural resources to be spent fighting extreme poverty, rather than be pocketed!

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Only A Few Hours Left!

As I reflect on the successes, failures, celebrations, and laments from the past year I keep coming back to three things I believe to be true:

  • There will always be people in power who do not see or choose not to see the needs of the most vulnerable in our world, who choose the path of oppression knowingly or unknowingly, and who perpetuate injustice in our world. 
  • God's people will always be those who stand against injustice; who pray with their feet, hands, and hearts "on earth as it is in heaven"...
  • Our hope is not in our leaders, our ability to impact the world or in anything other than Jesus. We rest in his power, his peace, and his love to transform this world. 
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