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You’ve signed the petition.

You’ve taken pictures.

You’ve told all your friends and family.

Now what?

Now is the time to let our elected representatives know where we stand! And we’ve created a simple way for you to do that.

All of your signatures and all of your pictures have been combined with the petition letter, information about poverty-focused development aid (PFDA), and powerful quotes into an online scrapbook. We need your help getting it to your representative!

We’ve made it easy! Each individual picture below is a targeted representative. He/She may work within Foreign Ops, the budget committee, or be a ranking member of a political party within the Senate or House. We believe these individuals are instrumental in the fight to protect PFDA!

Click on a picture below and a tweet will already be assembled for you and linked to your twitter account (if you’re logged in) with the link to the scrapbook. All you have to do send the tweet!


All it takes is one click for you to make a difference!


Harold Rogers       Paul Ryan       Chris Van Hollen 

                   Rep. Harold Rogers                              Rep. Paul Ryan                                               Rep. Chris Van Hollen

Nancy Pelosi       Kay Granger       Nita Lowey

         Rep. Nancy Pelosi                            Rep. Kay Granger                           Rep. Nita Lowey

Charlie Dent       John Boehner       Barbara Mikulski            

               Rep. Charles Dent                                     Rep. John Boehner                                        Sen. Barbara Mikulski

Richard Shelby       Patty Murray       Jeff Sessions

         Sen. Richardy Shelby                         Sen. Patty Murray                         Sen. Jeff Sessions

Harry Reid       Mitch Mcconnell       Patrick Leahy            

                Sen. Harry Reid                                          Sen. Mitch McConnell                                                 Sen. Patrick Leahy

Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham


Thank you again for your commitment to stand with the impoverished around the world. Through merging our voices with those living in extreme poverty, we will inform those in power that protecting poverty-focused development aid should be a priority in budget negotiations.

Check out the online scrapbook for yourself here!



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  • Chelsie Noel Frank

    Chelsie Noel Frank

    31 March 2014 at 16:51 |
    SO glad that you help people connect with their representatives around key issues like poverty, foreign affairs, justice, and peace! Thankful for y'all.

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