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Psychology, Philosophy, & Pluralism

A question we all face as Christians is, how do we negotiate our firm convictions (our beliefs in Christianity) in a world of diversity, and still maintain the solidarity with others? 

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10 Simple Ways to Help the Environment

If you got on Google and typed in ‘ways to help the environment,' you would get thousands of results. But we have picked these because they are uncommon and very easy to apply, yet greatly impact our environment.

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Human Rights Violations: Who Is Responsible?

Businesses impacts human rights, whether for good (employment, development etc.) or for bad (corruption, pollution, child labor etc.)

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Female Genital Mutilation

A quick disclaimer: this blog gets really heavy, really fast. As we talk about gender inequality, female genital mutilation (FGM) must be a part of the conversation because it is a huge issue affecting millions of girls. For their sake, we must not shy away from uncomfortable conversations, but rather, endure through discussions so that we can work together to address the issue of FGM.

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Ethical Shopping Guide

Our easy to use guide will help you shop at stores already investigated & vetted by us on strict ethical standards! 

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25 Simple Ways to be Generous with our Actions

Not everyone has loads of money to give, and we can make changes with our finances, but it should be coupled with a generosity beyond our finances. 

Generosity is giving something willingly and happily without expecting anything in return; so try to do something for someone, just because they are part of humanity and need love, too.

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Climate Change: Too Touchy of a Subject

Climate Change. Many shudder at the thought. 
It’s a touchy subject; it’s a divisive subject; and because of these things, it’s a difficult subject to talk about.
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Ten Simple Ways to Live Justly Today

Live Justly is an in-depth scriptural and practical study to help people live justly in 6 key areas of life: advocacy, prayer, consumption, generosity, creation care, and relationships. As we gear up for its official release, we want to give you a glimpse into what living justly on a real life, everyday basis might look like for you!
Many times we can substitute our prayers for action. When we pray for a better world, we should also be taking actionable steps to make the world better. Get it? 
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5 Myths About Foreign Aid Busted

I want to start by being completely honest; I am a skeptic when it comes to foreign aid. I have been raised to believe that I need to work hard, earn money, and give a portion of my earnings to the poor. But, I have also been raised to believe that it is not the government’s responsibility to spend my money on the behalf of the poor. 

So imagine my struggle when I got a position writing blog posts about the benefits of foreign aid.

At first it was hard for me to get past the mindset that foreign aid was bad, but through my gradual research and conversations I have dispelled many previous misconceptions.

I don’t like to support anything without having the facts, and I hope that you have the same conviction. To make your research on foreign aid easier I have compiled 5 myths that are commonly believed about foreign aid.

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