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    Give // For the Love of All Creation

    $10,000.00 raised
    Goal: $15,000.00

    We fight fiercely for the world as it ought to be -- free from poverty and injustice.

    For over a decade Micah Challenge has been a leading voice advocating to end extreme poverty. We have educated, inspired, and mobilized tens of thousands of people to use their voices to fight for a more just world. We believe worship begins with song and prayer, and leads us to bold action that helps create the world we want to see. We can't encounter God's relentless love and justice without being compelled to seek justice ourselves. 

    Last year, Micah Challenge became an important voice for Creation Care by launching our first ever campaign For the Love Of to disrupt climate change. We reached over 1,000,000 people and helped them understand that climate change is a human rights issue that disproportionately impacts our most impoverished neighbors. Tens of thousands of people around the country committed to pray, live, and consume goods with God's beautiful creation and most vulnerable children in mind. 

    Your gift will help us continue this important work as we seek to:

    • launch the "For the Love of All Creation" campaign to hold our next President and newly elected Congress accountable to the Paris Treaty--An historic global agenda to combat climate change through reducing emissions, and helping impoverished nations adapt to climate change. 
    • publish the "For All Creation" book study, modeled after Live Justly, that helps develop a creation care theology and make the connections between current environmental challenges and human trafficking, poverty, hunger, and other critical issues. 
    • continue to build a movement of Christians with an active and lived theology of justice, working for the restoration of all creation, standing up against oppression, and standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world living in poverty and oppression.

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    Set up a Monthly Donation 


    • You want to "loose the chains of injustice."
    • You recognize that for extreme poverty to be overcome it is not simply a matter of delivering more food, but delivering more justice.
    • You recognize that political and corporate decisions deeply impact the lives of the global poor.
    • You want to hold the powerful of this world accountable to the interests vulnerable.

    If this describes you then by all means, please give. Through transformational advocacy Micah Challenge works to create a more just world for people living in extreme poverty.

    Do not donate to Micah Challenge if you want your gift to buy food, a bednet, food, or another physical intervention.

    There are plenty of talented, trusted, and capable organizations doing the hard work of direct relief and community development.

    Your donation helps us hold ourselves and our leaders accountable to the most vulnerable in our society.


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    Justice Bible

    I won’t lie to you. When I first heard about a justice-themed Bible, I thought it was simply a way to capitalize upon the growing social justice movement rising among the millennial generation. A gimmick. A ploy to get people to buy another Bible.
    How wrong was I? So. Incredibly. Wrong.

    God’s Justice: The Holy Bible, isn’t just another themed Bible.

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