Take action on climate

Friends, we need your voice! We just got back from DC where we met with members of Congress -- urging them to take action on climate change. Climate change is already leading to great losses of food and agricultural resources in many regions of the world. If not urgently addressed, climate change will put millions more people at risk of increased hunger, disease and disasters.

As important as it is to remember that we care about climate change because it threatens the poor, we also care about climate change because we care for all creation. Our theology is bankrupt if it has no imperative to protect the planet's vulnerable species, land, and water resources.

Take Action Today

It's very simple--call your member of Congress by putting your Zip code into the form below. Whether you get the answering machine or a person answering the phone leave a simple message:

"Hi my name is ___ and I live in (city, state). I'm calling today because as a person of faith I'm deeply concerned that Congress isn't doing enough to address climate change. I want to ask the congressman(woman) to join the Climate Solutions Caucus which is looking for bi-partisian ways to fight climate change and protect the environment as well as vulnerable people. Thank you."

If your member is already a part of the caucus (Check here) then just take time to thank them and let them know how important the issue is to you.

We are literally the last generation with time to do something about climate change--the time is now!


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