Climate Justice

#Renew Our World

Micah Challenge is helping to lead a global campaign called Renew Our World. Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians praying, living and campaigning to make the world fair and sustainable, bringing God's kingdom closer, so that everyone, everywhere can enjoy fullness of life

Our generation has a choice that no other generation will get - if we choose to care for our neighbour and for creation, everyone, everywhere will have the chance to live well. But if we don’t, we’ll push more people into poverty, and our world into disrepair.

So we choose to bring God’s kingdom closer. In our daily lives, in our prayers, and in speaking out to people in power, we will renew the way the world works so nobody is oppressed by poverty. We will renew creation so it can continue to provide for us all, and we will renew the hope of each person that they too can have enough. Together, we will love our God and all our neighbours


In November of 2015, we took Christian artists William Matthews, John Mark & Sarah McMillan, and Stephen Roach lead singer of Songs of Water to Paris to the United Nations Climate Change Convention (COP21).

We filmed their journey as they met with impacted individuals, leaders of the climate movement, and religious leaders from around the world. On this trip they were transformed by the climate change realities being faced by our brothers and sisters all over the globe.

This film will send you on a similar journey, and give you hope & inspiration to move forward in bringing about a more just world! We hope you can join us and thousands of others as we watch this film and take action!


For the love of...


…the earth.


For the love of all of God’s creation.