Keep the Promise to Fight Climate Change

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Right now, we have an opportunity to make change. World leaders will be gathering in December in Poland to determine their commitments to keeping the Paris Climate Agreement, and we will be there with the global church encourage them to keep their promises.

Micah Challenge as part of the Renew Our World campaign has joined with churches and organizations around the world to pray, worship and deliver petition signatures to the COP 24 meeting in Poland in early December. We are keen to add as many signatures to this global petition as possible, and will travel to Poland to help deliver the signatures. In Poland we will be delivering the signatures to as many national delegations as possible as well as organizing a worship event for Christian attendees and local Christians.

In addition to holding our leaders accountable we are partnering with Plant With Purpose to address climate change in a very tangible on the ground way through reforestation and sustainable agriculture. Plant with Purpose partners with rural communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa to plant 4.6 million trees. These trees help restore soil health, absorb carbon, and prevent famine, floods, or erosion.

To the world leaders gathered in Poland for the COP24 Climate Summit:

We’re standing with you in solidarity as we together face the consequences of climate change. I am responding by taking actions to reduce my contribution to the problem. I urge you to keep the promises you made in the Paris Agreement - and to go further - to prevent the very dangerous consequences of climate change, and protect the most vulnerable people who are impacted first and most significantly.

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