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"Corruption is the biggest barrier to ending extreme poverty."



Shine A Light is joining with millions of Christians around the world who are bringing light into darkness by taking a stand against corruption – greed, secret deals, bribery and abuse of public influence – which impacts people in extreme poverty the most.

Corruption is not just an action of the Global South, but it is often our policies, our companies, and perhaps even our consumer practices that encourage corruption.


Christians across Africa, Asia and Latin America tell Micah Challenge USA that corruption is perhaps the biggest barrier to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Resources which could be used for ending extreme poverty too often are diverted from their intended aim, preventing progress against poverty.


In June 2016, President Obama and selected members in the Securities of Exchange Commission (SEC) will finalize the rule's, implementation, and enforcement of Section 1504 of The Dodd Frank Act, which is a measure requiring companies registered with the SEC to publicly report how much they pay governments for access to oil, gas and minerals.

This groundbreaking transparency provision will allow citizens in these countries to keep their governments accountable for the funds brought in by extractive companies. Funds that should be funneled directly back into the community for education, health, and economic initiatives. 


Join us as we seek to shine a light on corruption.


Dear Congressional Leaders,

In solidarity with millions of people around the world who live in the darkness of corruption and extreme poverty. I’m calling on you to take practical steps to promote greater transparency in mining and extractive industries.

I am concerned that the activities of companies and individuals, as well as the corrupt use of funds by government officials, is preventing mining and resource revenues from being used to fight extreme poverty. In 2012, the US government passed ground breaking transparency laws (Section 1504 of Dodd-Frank Wall street reform), but the rules have not been implemented.

Increased transparency is the first step in allowing revenue from natural resources to go towards ending extreme poverty.

Specifically, would you reiterate your support for transparency provisions in US law (Section 1504 of Dodd-Frank Wall street reform) that require all extractive industry companies listed with the SEC to report the payments made to foreign governments, shining a light on the transfer of resources, and allowing communities to hold their own governments to account and unlock resources to end poverty.

With my prayers,

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    Just signed this petition to #fight #corruption that keeps people in poverty. Join me by signing here: