I support Micah Challenge because I believe that extreme poverty will not be overcome by securing more charity, but more justice.  Micah Challenge is a voice standing with the impoverished--calling out for a transformed world where people are no longer oppressed by systems of oppression, but have abundant life.  

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    Live Justly // Give Generously

    $14,600.00 raised
    Goal: $15,000.00

    THANK YOU for giving to support our work:

    • Teaching and training hundreds of churches and communities to challenge injustice
    • Mobilizing thousands of people to hold our leaders accountable for how their policies impact the "least of these" in our world
    • Inspiring hope, prayer, and action in communities all over the world

    Micah Challenge USA is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and your gift is Tax-deductible. 


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    Will you partner with us in 2018?

    As we reflect on 2017 we have so much to be thankful for! God has used Micah Challenge in ways we know are beyond our abilities! This past year we engaged over 50,000 people in our work for justice and peace -- we mobilized thousands of prophetic, bold and urgent messages to our President and members of Congress, helped over 300 communities study biblical justice in 9 different countries, and mobilized thousands of people in prayer for justice. Next year we have big plans to expand our work!

    Here's what we are up to for 2018, and we'd love your support to do it!

    Live Justly Discipleship School // In 2018 we will be launching the Live Justly Discipleship School, an 8 week time of study, training, worship, and prayer to help equip pastors and leaders to teach and train their communities to seek justice! We will be creating a film series based on this curriculum and time together that we think will reach over 1,000,000 people in the subsequent year! 

    Mobilization Training // Right now there are literally thousands of young people going through the Live Justly study all over the world. In March we'll be helping to train and equip a group of them in Haiti. We'll continue training and equipping young leaders to lead justice movements in their nations!

    Climate Justice // In 2017 we led a trip of leaders to Washington DC to advocate for Congress to address climate change, and keep promises our nation has made to impoverished nations suffering the impacts of climate change.  We launched the Renew Our World Campaign, and 

    Worship and Soul Care // We recognized the deep spiritual darkness of our times -- where the Church was largely celebrating or staying silent in the face of injustice being mandated from the highest places of power in our nation. We organized a gathering of worship, prayer, and action called "Prophets, Priests and Poets: Seeking justice in the Trump Era". What emerged was a radical time of prayer, revelation, and care for each others' souls. In early 2018 we'll be launching a set of resources to help communities across the nation gather, lament, pray, inspire action, and simply care for each others' souls in a time where there are a lot of weary Jesus people. 

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    Take action on climate


    Friends, we need your voice! Last week President Trump announced that he will withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord. We are disappointed that our President won't lead on climate action, but have not lost hope! Now is the time to say to:

    To the struggling farmer who has lost crops to drought--we believe you and we will take action on climate. 

    To the refugee who lost their home and land to disaster -- we believe you and we will take action on climate.

    To the family whose water has been contaminated by flooding -- we believe you and we will take action on climate.

    Here's what you can do

    Spread the word

    Last year we released a film about our time at the Paris Climate summit with worship leaders John Mark McMillan, William Matthews, Sarah McMillan and Stephen Roach. We met with politicians, religious leaders and scientists to try and understand just what is at stake with climate change. Watch and share the film if your community is NEW to climate justice. 

    Download the watch party toolkit to show the film in your community!

    Call Congress

    Even though the President is out of the Paris Agreement, it doesn't mean our nation has to be! We have an opportunity to build political will with members of Congress to take action on climate, and even re-join the Paris Agreement as a formal binding treaty. Make simple call today to your member of Congress to invite them to take action on climate. 

    It's very simple--call your member of Congress by putting your Zip code into the form below. Whether you get the answering machine or a person answering the phone leave a simple yet clear message -- Talking points are in the form below. 

    If your member is already a part of the caucus (Check here) then just take time to thank them and let them know how important the issue is to you.

    Our friends Jonathan Martin, Science Mike, William Matthews, Michael Gungor and Katelyn Beaty even volunteered to show how easy it is to make the call!

    Wanna Go a Step Further? Meet with your member of Congress in August!


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    Give // For the Love of All Creation

    $10,000.00 raised
    Goal: $15,000.00

    We fight fiercely for the world as it ought to be -- free from poverty and injustice.

    For over a decade Micah Challenge has been a leading voice advocating to end extreme poverty. We have educated, inspired, and mobilized tens of thousands of people to use their voices to fight for a more just world. We believe worship begins with song and prayer, and leads us to bold action that helps create the world we want to see. We can't encounter God's relentless love and justice without being compelled to seek justice ourselves. 

    Last year, Micah Challenge became an important voice for Creation Care by launching our first ever campaign For the Love Of to disrupt climate change. We reached over 1,000,000 people and helped them understand that climate change is a human rights issue that disproportionately impacts our most impoverished neighbors. Tens of thousands of people around the country committed to pray, live, and consume goods with God's beautiful creation and most vulnerable children in mind. 

    Your gift will help us continue this important work as we seek to:

    • launch the "For the Love of All Creation" campaign to hold our next President and newly elected Congress accountable to the Paris Treaty--An historic global agenda to combat climate change through reducing emissions, and helping impoverished nations adapt to climate change. 
    • publish the "For All Creation" book study, modeled after Live Justly, that helps develop a creation care theology and make the connections between current environmental challenges and human trafficking, poverty, hunger, and other critical issues. 
    • continue to build a movement of Christians with an active and lived theology of justice, working for the restoration of all creation, standing up against oppression, and standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world living in poverty and oppression.