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  • posted about #ForTheLoveOf Pledge on Facebook 2017-02-21 13:28:45 -0800
    #ForTheLoveOf our brothers and sisters impacted by climate change take the pledge to be a part of the climate solution

    #ForTheLoveOf Pledge

    Climate change is impacting us all, the most vulnerable amongst us especially so. Climate change is such a massive challenge that it requires all of us to become a part of the solution.

    Take the pledge to be a part of the climate solution, and we will use your pledge to challenge our leaders to do the same. We can't ask our next President and Congressional leaders to do something we ourselves aren't wiling to do.

    Our ordinary actions together create extraordinary change. Commit to join us in learning, prayer and action to stop climate change from devastating the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world.

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    I choose to have hope for this beautiful world God has created

    I commit to faithfully journey in prayer and action for the love of:

    ...our brothers and sisters suffering from the impacts of climate change

    ...our children who will inherit this world

    ...God and his beautiful creation


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