Prophets, Priests and Poets Pledge

5,000 pledges

What is this pledge?

We wrote this pledge after our gathering August 14-16 in Portland, OR. We believe this is the beginning of something big--a movement, a family of people who take the Gospel seriously, who recognize our world needs people willing to take bold action, to pray passionately, and to stand in solidarity with the oppressed. Check out the livestream from August 15. 


We commit ourselves to

Pray daily the Lord’s prayer “your kingdom come, your will be done,” and pray against the the powers and principalities of racism, sexism, oppression, abuse and apathy.

Change our own attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate injustice and deny God’s plan for all creation to flourish

Challenge our elected officials to take bold action on:

Climate Change

Reduce emissions that cause climate change, and provide support to impoverished communities suffering from the impacts of climate change

Racial Justice

Empower and protect communities of color, end mass incarceration and heavily invest in education of all children no matter their zip code. 

Refugees and Immigrants

Protect and welcome refugees and immigrants, and all those who are fleeing oppression, conflict and persecution. 

We are prophets of hope declaring a future when Jesus reigns over all creation and when racism, sexism, poverty and injustice are vanquished.

We are priests preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus; good news to the poor, freedom for the captives, and restoration for all that is broken.

We are poets imagining, mourning, celebrating, lamenting and laughing as we tell the story of the Kingdom of God crashing into our world.


Will you sign?