Renew Our World Action -- Encourage Scott Pruitt


We have an opportunity to speak truth and hope to one of our leaders on the issue of climate change. We have heard from our partners around the world that rising temperatures have made growing food, finding water, and community flourishing much more challenging.  

Many of our brothers and sisters are troubled that our nation is pulling away from commitments to reduce emissions, and fund adaptation for poorer nations - including the building of sea walls and developing drought resistant crops. 

Heres the deal -- we trust their testimonies, and their stories, and believe that climate change is impacting impoverished communities all around the world. Which is why we are so glad to be a part of the global Renew Our World campaign!

One leader who has significant influence on if/how our nation responds to climate change is EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. He's certainly receiving pressure to ignore creation and climate change -- we think it's a good idea to encourage him to protect creation, be a voice for justice, and lead on climate change. 

Let EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt know that you care about climate change. 
Let him know that as a fellow Christian you care deeply about protecting God's creation and most vulnerable children, and want to see him combat climate change.  

You can reach him at 1-844-438-5528 and use the simple call script below:

Call script:

"As a follower of Jesus, I'm deeply concerned about the threat of climate change to God's creation and impoverished communities around the world. I wanted to encourage Administrator Pruitt to use his position to combat climate change, and keep our nations promises to reduce emissions. Thank you."

Thank you for taking action to #RenewOurWorld!

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