We're in DC!


Micah Challenge is in DC this week!

We are so excited about this, and here’s why – in 2009, Micah Challenge released the Declaration of Creation Stewardship and Climate Change. We came to this issue not as environmentalists, but as followers of Jesus committed to ending extreme poverty. 

Climate change is already leading to great losses of food and agricultural resources in many regions of the world. If not urgently addressed, climate change will put millions of more people at risk of increased hunger, disease, and disasters. It is time to turn this knowledge into action and heed the call of the global church to respond to climate change with prophetic and tenacious action.

Micah Challenge is the U.S. lead on a global campaign called Renew Our World (ROW). Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians who are praying, living, and campaigning to make the world fair and sustainable so that everyone everywhere would be able to enjoy fullness of life.

Our voices as Christ followers are more critical now than ever before; it is a key time for us to speak out as the President has just released a budget that slashes all U.S. funding for climate-related programs. We have the chance to inspire Congress to write a more compassionate and just budget, and we must not pass it up!

During our time in DC, we will be highlighting the issues of climate change and the ability we have as followers of Jesus to correct its unmitigated effects through action and advocacy. On behalf of a world that is facing the extreme uncertainties of a rapidly changing climate, we aim to encourage our government to stay in the fight. The world’s poorest populations are depending on it. 

Who's with us?

Author and speaker - Jonathan Martin

Author and editor - Katelyn Beaty

Musician - Michael Gungor

Musician and advocate - William Matthews

Author and scientist - Mike McHargue

Micah Challenge director and editor - Jason Fileta

We are grateful for the support and insight of these fearless Jesus followers who are choosing to take a stand against issues of climate change and speaking up for the world's most vulnerable populations!

Follow us on the socials this week to learn more about our time on Capitol Hill:

Twitter: @micahchallenge

Facebook: Micah Challenge USA 


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